Conservative  Wiltshire  Council's  A350  Westbury  Bypass  
 ...  recurrent  costly  failure  ...  what  they  will  not  tell  you  ...

Conservative Wiltshire Council told us that its Westbury Bypass was approved.  After spending £5M, it went pear-shaped for never-ready Wiltshire Council.  Conservative councillors then blew a UK record £475,000 on re-naming from Wiltshire County Council to Wiltshire Council (WC).  The £millions squandered on WC's rotten eastern bypass vanity project could have repaired Wiltshire's pot-holed existing roads.  Conservative Wiltshire Council's Big Society: do it yourselves and also pay council tax.

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... Some Wiltshire Councillors still want an A350 Westbury Bypass - and block western routes.

Wiltshire Council's would-be highway through the heart of the countryside.

Planning Inspector rules against WC's potty project, which was turned down.

When BS Wiltshire Council's ugly secret giant fruit bats gantries were exposed.

Conservatives at County Hall perpetuate plans for car-dependent development.

Wiltshire Council's eastern bypass project was scrutinised in a Public Inquiry, which recommended refusal of planning permission.    The scheme's rejection was endorsed by the Government.   The dud eastern road project is now dead.

Conservative Wiltshire Council failed in its push for a pre-emptive rush inquiry.

Strange weight restriction:  Who still wants to make HGVs go the extra mile...?

A reasonable way forward would be to properly consider worthwhile solutions.

Wiltshire's western route is of less cost and more use than the eastern project. The western scheme included a bypass of the long A350 tailbacks at Yarnbrook.

If road-to-rail freight interchange at the Westbury railway hub was developed, for obvious environmental advantage, HGV congestion would be cut anyway.

Westbury main-line railway station desperately needs a decent access road.

This website reflects the genuine local opinion about a solution at Westbury.
In the last survey ever arranged by Wiltshire (County) Council, up to 79% of Westbury area residents with a view were opposed to the eastern route.    As few as 21% were in favour of the so-called 'preferred' eastern bypass scheme. Read our summarised factual analysis of the Westbury Bypass Opinion Survey. Overwhelmingly, 75% of the local public response wanted a western solution.

Who would have honestly wanted an A350 HGV highway to be built here?

This is a view of where the unpopular eastern road was actually routed.

The planning application was 2400 obscure pages.  But one crass council.

The eastern development project was inept gambling, wasting our money.

Most of the response to the 2005 'consultation' was objection to the project.

Most of the response to the 2007 'consultation' was objection to the scheme.

Novelty environmental mitigation ideas which were pieced together to go with WC's opportunist planning applications turned out to be counter-productive.

It is worth observing that little has been done to redirect long distance lorries to/from the M4 by other than the A350 - as approved BBSCS recommendations.

Cracked WC's map still portrays the unsuitable A350 as a 'strategic lorry route', which directs HGVs through towns & villages, against reality and agreed policy.

Worse A350 congestion at nearby Yarnbrook & West Ashton was being ignored.

Route flows show how the eastern Westbury bypass plan would have imposed yet more HGVs on to other communities which already suffer twice as many.

Why not follow a sustainable solution of an integrated western access road alongside the railway, routed directly to the station and industrial area...?

Ludicrously, rail freight integration is a Council policy!   See 'Freightway'
(and observe the contradiction between Council freight policy and what the Council does).

'Novel road plans to put nature first'  - an amazingly incredible claim.

Chucked-out wrong road spin - it was such a ridiculous way to go.

Into Wellhead Valley, charged Conservative Witless Council.

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