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... why an eastern bypass ...? ... why route the A350 through the best countryside ...? ... a scheme which was all wrong ...

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Unlike all other industries in Westbury, the cement works was on the east side.  This was because Blue Circle was given permission to extract chalk in a quarry on the top of the escarpment and to dig out clay from the bottom.   These are the constituents of cement.   So it seemed reasonable, at the time, to site the works beside the raw materials to be extracted.   So an ugly factory was in the midst of a beautiful area.   It was justified at the time by the local employment.

But, making of cement here has now ceased.   Hardly any people are employed on the east of Westbury, compared with three thousand jobs on the west.

Lafarge laid off the Westbury cement makers and said: 'the cement-making process at Westbury is more energy-intensive than the process at our other plants', which rather implies that cement will not again be made at Westbury.

It had been assumed that the ugly cement works would go after its use ran out.

Yet as part of the Wiltshire (County) Council eastern Westbury bypass scheme, a new access road was still to be built to the now run-down cement works site.

This would have made the site a permanent feature.   The A350 bypass would have been near to the cement works site.   W(C)C's eastern highway over the adjacent railway was to be 8.5m high.   Lorries would have been seen for miles.

Eastern bypass adherents are left effectively supporting the perpetuation of the cement works site as an industrial estate as part of a Wiltshire Council concept.

Some saw the would-be bypass as a way to newly develop the eastern side.

WC overlooks the existing industrial areas and railway station on the west.

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