All  about  WC's  would-be  Westbury  Wilts  A350  Bypass  
 ...  but  why  not  have  a  solution  on  the  right  side  of  the  town  ...?

Conservatives at Wiltshire Council puffed-up their dud project ... and blamed everyone but themselves when it failed ...

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Wiltshire County Council was exclusively promoting its Eastern Bypass scheme, which would have been counter-productive and spoilt the hills above Westbury.

Statements issued by Wiltshire Council, even if they are quite misleading, are reiterated verbatim by local newspapers, at times presented as if factual news, without quoting the source, whereas statements by objectors to a roads-biased transport policy are invariably presented as quotes and are usually 'balanced' with an uncritically-repeated contrary statement obtained from the Council.

Conservatives at County Hall maintain ascendancy by manipulating the media. They control their own Wiltshire Magazine, which is distributed to all residents with exclusively positive publicity for the Conservativesí plans and activities. Much the same duds are re-elected with help from their Wiltshire Magazine.

I have lived in this area of the West of England for thirty-five years:  Bristol, Salisbury, Bradford-on-Avon, Trowbridge and Warminster.   I think that we all have a right to offer a genuine informed opinion about the siting of new roads.

I have never owned property on any of the routes through or around Westbury, or have any financial interest in the Westbury area, or any family that do.   I am not fronting the interests of others.   I am not in any sort of business, nor am I involved in any development.   I have never bought a home with prospects of the traffic outside it being reduced for my benefit at the expense of others.

Like most of us I own a car, but I also believe in integrated transport systems.
I walk our Salisbury Plain Escarpment in West Wiltshire.   I want to preserve it.

Our public money should not be wasted, our overall environment not worsened.

We are presenting information and commentary on ways forward for Westbury, with facts which you will not find within Wiltshire Council's various publicity.

I set up this web-site because I think that it would be a sacrilege to put a road under the Escarpment and through the Wellhead Valley but also not integrate with the major railway links and industries which are to the west of Westbury.

  John Bowley
  West Wiltshire

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