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  ...  with  a  route  on  the  wrong  side  of  the  town,  in  the  wrong  area  

... why an eastern bypass ...? ... why route the A350 through the best countryside ...? ... a scheme which was all wrong ...

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There was something odd about this photograph from the WC website.   The picture was displayed by Wiltshire (County) Council at the start of the Inquiry.
We were able to observe that WC's bats were Fruit Bats from the Far East.

However, bat experts researching the impact of an eastern Westbury bypass, which was to pass through 4km of countryside near to the Salisbury Plain, found one of our richest areas of our native bats in South-West England and possibly for the whole of the UK.   Wellhead Valley, which is adjacent to the Westbury White Horse, is home for a very rare 13 of Britain's 17 bat species, including all four listed for special protection in the European Habitats Directive.

These many bats in the Wellhead Valley deserve top conservation efforts.

Bats fly on established routes.   Wellhead Valley is a Special Landscape Area and an undisturbed established habitat.   Bats will not adapt to new routes.

The eastern bypass was planned to run the length of the Wellhead Valley.

Bats could not be trained to fly through new underpasses.   How unrealistic.  Nor can bats be trained, amidst disturbance of road construction, to follow artificial flight paths over gantries, WC's strange concept of nature first.

Bats could have been driven out by a new main road through the valley.

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