South West Regional Funding Allocation Priority Tables Manipulation

Here are the original South West Regional Funding Tables [on pdf].  These SWRA priority tables 1, 2, 3 etc are as referred to by the 6 July 2006 DfT letter on funding (note: the only relevant DfT letter on funding).

Here are the scheme Funding Tables [on pdf] after being 'refreshed' by the promoters, now all together on the same page.  Identification of Table 2 schemes was now just in the colour (beginning the manipulation).

Here is the similar looking, though differently coloured, merged Funding Table [on pdf] as in December 2008. The subtle difference is that identification of which are Table 2 schemes had now been discreetly omitted.

Here is the bright new presentation of the Funding Tables [on pdf] after being further manipulated in 2009. The difference here is that the identification of which schemes do not have approval had now been omitted. Also note that this luridly-coloured two-page SWRA file is a ludicrous 3MB - only suitable for fast broadband.

Observe progressive obscuration of the embarrassing fact that schemes such as the A350 Westbury Bypass came from Table 2 of second-rate proposals, which scored poorly when assessed and had no DfT backing.

Wiltshire Council's A350 Westbury Bypass scheme never had any government funding or planning approval and its justification was implausible.  Yet the dud project somehow once had a few well-positioned friends.

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