Wiltshire Council's published Freight Strategy Policies

Policy FT1:
Consult with industrialists and distributors on how they can move traffic by rail.  Encourage and support maximum use of the rail network for the movement of freight...

Policy FT2:
Maintain a Quality Freight Partnership Strategy involving all interested organisations and considering both road and rail operations.

Policy FT3:
Support the South Marston and Westbury intermodal freight terminals.

Policy FT4:
Support the development and use of innovative low-cost freight terminals.

Policy FT5:
Consider the recycling of waste using rail as a means of distribution.

Policy FT7:
... Encourage HGVs to use roads where a minimum of environmental damage will occur.

Policy FT9:
... Support ... facilities and lorry parking ... at the proposed Westbury Freight Terminal.

Policy FT10:
Give a high priority to rail access issues and the associated road access...

These are the majority of Wiltshire Council's own official freight policies.

From beginning to end, there is an emphasis on developing access to rail freight.

But none of this has actually been implemented, or even seriously considered.

Wiltshire Council's actual plan is literally in the opposite direction.

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